Standard (≤ 6 pages/24 hrs) 33.00 38.00
Urgent (7–9 pages/24 hrs) 42.90 49.40
Express (> 10 pages/24 hrs) 49.50 57.00

The above prices are net prices in Polish zlotys per a page containing 1,600 characters with spaces.

VERBart is one of a few translation agencies we prepare cost estimates based on the number of characters in the source text, thanks to which the Client knows the exact price and can negotiate it with us before translation.

Each started page is calculated as a whole calculation page (e.g. a text containing 1,900 characters including spaces will be calculated as 2 pages).

Translation modes

  • standard: up to 6 standard pages per day
  • urgent (+30% to the standard rate): 7–9 standard pages per day
  • express (+50% to the standard rate): 10 standard pages per day or same-day translation

Depending on the volume of the order, discounts can be offered.

All prices are exclusive of 23% VAT.

Additional services:

  • verification by a native speaker: +50% of the basic translation mode rate
  • certified (sworn) translation: +50% of the basic translation mode rate

Payment term: 7 days from the VAT invoice date.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.